Rover Network DApps

A highly flexible and extensible platform to enable our customers
to implement custom DApps

Digital Identity


The KYC (Know Your Customer) on a blockchain ensures that a user holds a single digital identity, which is stored in a secure and incorruptible manner. The digital identity can be updated with the latest user information as needed, with users able to manage their digital identity information easily and efficiently while working with validation agencies.

Supply Chain Management


Blockchains built on the Rover Network can secure supply chain transactions to record a product’s point of origin and ensure authentic product arrives at its intended destination, ensuring the value and safety of the product. Examples of such supply chain blockchains are: recording a food product from farm to store shelf, or a handbag from manufacturer to store shelf.

Digital Voting


Using custom assets, a secure and cost-effective voting platform can be built on Rover Network blockchain platform to ensure authenticity of the results. With such a platform, results are available in real-time, so there’s no need to wait for voting results. In addition, a Rover Network-based voting platform enables people to legally vote from anywhere, simplifying the voting process and increasing the number of people who vote. The net result: vastly increased participation and TRUST in the voting process.

Digital Property Records


One valuable application is in the Real Estate/Land registry sector, allowing land registry departments to maintain a public ledger of asset-ownership in a distributed manner without the need of intermediaries. Blockchain technology can be used to confer a unique cryptographic identifier on each property based on its geographic coordinates, ownership, and purpose of usage. The objective behind this application use is to ensure more openness, authenticity and trust in property transfers.

Digital Property Rights Management


Much as records that authenticate real estate property records are essential, so too are secure, immutable records that ensure the ownership and proper usage of intellectual property assets such as scripts, films, photography and music. The Rover Network platform can be employed by publishers and producers to ensure proper usage and payments are made for all the assets they own.

Education & Examination


With this DApp, Rover Network can help reduce the use of paper and eliminate fraudulent behavior and cases of cheating. A Rover Network-based app can help to prevent paper leaks before an examination by storing the questions and test papers in blocks processed through the hash key, which makes the materials highly secured and safe. With the use of smart contracts, test materials can be created immediately before testing and securely administered to students.